Unloading and unravelling

By 4pm I finally had the key and by 6pm everything was unloaded into two rooms.

It was quite a shock to see the state of the place as descriptions and even photographs don’t really do it justice. Even the movers were shocked and seemed concerned that I was planning to stay. So was I!

There was one room with a laminate floor so once the door was closed, I started attempting to clean and my number one priority, assemble a bed. There was no way I was sleeping on a mattress on those floors!

By 7:30pm I had a reasonably functioning room and by 8pm I managed to get some food.

It had been a long day and I was aching and exhausted both physically and mentally. I kept thinking that things would look better in the morning except that I couldn’t sleep and morning was 3:30am!

A couple of positive things, I haven’t heard a single footstep, door slam or siren, so far this place is incredibly quiet. And it’s warm. The heating was too hot and even without it on, in December and with single glazing, it’s surprisingly ok.

Negatives, oh where to start?! It is absolutely minging, it stinks of things I can’t even describe and my lungs are already overwhelmed. I may have to wear my bike mask to filter the air.

I suspect this will be a bigger project than we first thought and a kitchen seems a very long way off. There’s a stopcock in the bathroom ceiling which seems like a strange place for it and cables and pipes everywhere.

My first step will be to clean as much as I can and perhaps start ripping out the carpet which I suspect is a large part of the stench. Agnes has done a poo on it and frankly I’m tempted to do the same, it wouldn’t make it any worse!

Buyer’s remorse? At the moment, definitely but perhaps in a couple of days, when I’m not scared to go in the bathroom, I’ll feel more optimistic!

And to try to explain but it’s hard to really capture…

Oh crikey, this is the living room

The red room. Not sure what it is.

A rather nice entry hall, think parquet floors!

Hurrah for laminate flooring, never thought I’d say that!

Bedroom? Not for a while

Not sure if this was a bonfire or a cremation

Too scared to look in the drain

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