The Slug and Rosary

Now that’s a great name for a pub… except that it’s what I found in the kitchen this morning. (I should never have bought light bulbs!)

A large brown slug was curled up in the dog bowl. It seemed to have done a few laps on the brown carpet in the kitchen bedroom and then went for supper and a lie-down.

I am, of course, terrified of slugs so am hoping it didn’t bring friends. That one was carefully dislodged into a bin bag and removed from the flat. Not a good start.

And then I found a rosary hanging on a wall in the kitchen which I’ve stood by for four days and never noticed.

I’m not a big fan of organised religion so felt slightly uncomfortable. I’m not sure what the removal process is, do I need to drop it off at a nearby church marked, please return to previous owner?

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