One week

It’s hard to believe it’s only a week since the most traumatic move ever. It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks as I’ve been camping in one room, going to work, dealing with Agnes and generally feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I decided to work from home on Friday having skipped the Christmas party last night but knowing very little would get done today.

Instead I decided to have a look under the carpet and as these things happen, before I knew it, I’d ripped out the carpet of cremation in the bedroom and hall. It had been getting me down especially the smell and instantly things felt better.

Having said that, the hall is quite rotten and will need boards and joists replacing but we’ve dealt with that before so it’s scary but not daunting.

And then I settled down to wait for a few essentials to be delivered including a mini fridge so we can function somewhat normally while we’re kitchen-free.

Here are some flattering progress photos which definitely make things look better than they are…

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