Barking at foxes

We have moved to an area of London where there are lots and lots of foxes.

Agnes and I see them as we take our bedtime perambulation around the block and they stare at us in disdain.

This morning we were woken by Agnes’ rousing rooster bark at 5:30am. I dashed out to the kitchen to see an antagonistic fox standing boldly outside the French doors. Poor Agnes, she’s supposed to chase foxes and they even have the run of the communal garden. Life is unfair for a small Welsh Terrier.

We heard a door close sharply in a nearby flat (oops) and we hurriedly gathered up the dog and closed the kitchen door. We all tried to go back to sleep.

It turns out foxes can climb trees but they don’t like vinegar so my cunning plan is to douse outside in white vinegar as a deterrent. The neighbours should love that!

I’m also considering taking up riding.There are far too many foxes around here!

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