30 hours in Copenhagen

I’ve just spent thirty hours in Copenhagen.

A whirlwind trip full of Scandinavian clothing, homewares and smørebtød, open sandwiches on dark rye bread. The most delicious smoked salmon!

There’s a distinctive aesthetic to the Nordic countries, colour palettes are more muted, more natural, fabrics are more organic and there’s a softness and sweetness to children’s fashion.

As I’m currently researching sustainable fashion, it seemed like a good place to come to attend a children’s tradeshow.

Perhaps thirty hours wasn’t quite long enough as I’ve seen lots of lovely homewares and if I could carry more, I would. Probably a good thing I’m heading home now.

It was also very nice to stay in a hotel and have a non-handicapped bathroom where the lights didn’t go out after five minutes.

How easily pleased I am!

Heading home.

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