Two surveyors and more

We are following the rules, going by the book and biting the bullet. We are behaving ourselves and no one has bashed down any walls… well, not really.

This week the second surveyor came to look at our wall.

Surveyor Number Two was appointed by the managing agent and cost us £780. Ouch.

Apparently he was there for about fifteen minutes (I was on my way to the airport) and didn’t see a problem with knocking the wall down. In his opinion, worst case scenario is that we put in a steel and we should have a kitchen.

Let’s hope that was money well spent.

We have several stages still to go through before we get the green light.

There may be another surveyor and there may be solicitors. Whatever happens there’ll be money involved and let’s just say no one will be paying us!

Did I mention how much I like the mini fridge?!

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