Last night our tiler and bathroom installer came round for a quick chat. Four hours later he left. We have some interesting plumbing including a stopcock in the bathroom ceiling. It’s all feeling a little bit challenging.

In addition to the kitchen plans, I’m cheering myself up by looking at pictures of the bathroom designs we like…





Design by Committee

It seems our kitchen plan will have to be reviewed by the Board of Directors as it’s deemed structural. Apparently they will have to appoint their own structural engineer to review our plans before any decisions can be made.

This is not the best news and is sounding more and more expensive. Perhaps a bedroom in the kitchen isn’t such a bad idea after all! It would be handy for making coffee.

To try and remain optimistic I’ll be looking at the kitchen plans which just came in…

We can dream!



Agnes is not doing Dry January

In recent years Dry January has become a big thing. We’ve done it ourselves and reaped the benefit of thirty one days without booze. The eyes are clearer, the sleep is better and overall it’s a very positive thing.

This year though it’s not happening and Agnes is to blame as she was spotted having a crafty pint at our local.

I’ve never seen a more guilty looking dog!


Caught in the act


Our structural engineer Mervyn came round at 8:30am yesterday morning to inspect the kitchen wall. We were on tenterhooks (sort of) to hear the outcome.

After a bit of bashing it looks as if part of the wall is structural but then there’s a bit missing which is slightly odd.

Our proposal to the management company is that we’ll put in a supporting beam which is actually doing them a favour as the building may collapse if we don’t. And then we’ll knock down the maid’s bedroom. Shame really but we won’t be having a maid!

Of course the building’s stood up for a hundred and twenty years already but I’m sure it’s a persuasive argument.

Our plans are due in on Monday for a committee meeting so hopefully we can get things moving.

Barking at foxes

We have moved to an area of London where there are lots and lots of foxes.

Agnes and I see them as we take our bedtime perambulation around the block and they stare at us in disdain.

This morning we were woken by Agnes’ rousing rooster bark at 5:30am. I dashed out to the kitchen to see an antagonistic fox standing boldly outside the French doors. Poor Agnes, she’s supposed to chase foxes and they even have the run of the communal garden. Life is unfair for a small Welsh Terrier.

We heard a door close sharply in a nearby flat (oops) and we hurriedly gathered up the dog and closed the kitchen door. We all tried to go back to sleep.

It turns out foxes can climb trees but they don’t like vinegar so my cunning plan is to douse outside in white vinegar as a deterrent. The neighbours should love that!

I’m also considering taking up riding.There are far too many foxes around here!

And it’s 2019!

It’s been a bit of a blur what with moving, work, Christmas and stuff and so blogging was on hold for the past few weeks.

I’m back at work and we’re getting into our new routines so it’s time to share some progress from the past couple of weeks.

We have ripped up all the carpet and it’s smelling much better.

We’ve knocked down two wardrobes and have discovered two fireplaces or we will when we knock out the walls.

We have a functional living room with furniture which is quite nice apart from sticky floorboards!

And we have a large kitchen with rather interesting pipes.

We’ve drawn up new plans for the bathroom and kitchen and have a structural engineer coming on Thursday to tell us if we can knock down the fourth bedroom for our giant (by London standards) kitchen.

And we’ve put lots of ideas on Pinterest so we know what it’s all going to look like.

It’s been challenging and at times uncomfortable but we’ve made a lot of progress and things are feeling much better.

Hard to believe it’s been a month already!