From Claridge’s to the laundrette

What a weekend of extremes!

From drinking martinis on Friday at Claridge’s, to sitting at the laundrette on a wet Sunday morning doing the weekly wash.

A varied reality indeed!

As we won’t have a kitchen (or a washing machine) for a while, this is a weekly occurrence which means dragging bags of washing down to the coin laundry at the end of the road.

It’s not bad but things just aren’t as clean as they are when they’re washed at home and it’s an ongoing challenge trying to stay on top of the dirt.

This week we’re hitting the go button on a few projects as we’re moving forward on the other rooms in the flat including the bathroom.

We starting work with an interior designer, we’ve chosen paint colours and we’ve partly rewired two rooms so far, we’re hoping we can move into our master bedroom in the next couple of weeks!

And yes there is a hole in the floor where Big T stood on a chair.

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