Hard Graft

It had been a hard week.

Very busy at work with deadlines and presentations, a flat full of dirt from electricians and plasterers, nowhere to hide as we had relocated to the living room. And Big T feeling very ill.

It seemed there was a weekend of cleaning in order to get a semblance of normality back as we’d slipped into a state of dirt and despair.

Saturday started with me stripping wallpaper in the small bedroom we’ve been using for the past three months.

By lunchtime, the wallpaper was stripped and the laminate flooring had been ripped out. Big T put the bed back (with a case of DIY Tourette’s) while I started cleaning.

Hours later all rooms were reassembled and had been cleaned. We were shattered but things felt much better.

We collapsed on the sofa with an extremely well-earned g&t and admire the new light on our future bedroom.

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