The last wardrobe

It was Sunday afternoon and after a nice treat of Sunday lunch before Big T departed for France, we thought we’d bash down our final wardrobe. It was a very big, melamine monstrosity blocking the window in the small bedroom so it was time to do something about it.


It was really quite easy and before we knew it, the small bedroom felt much bigger and here’s a surprise, another fireplace lurking behind. When I say fireplace however, I really mean hole in the wall. Best not to remove the panel holding it all inside!


We now have no storage and so I had ordered a large clothing rack on wheels to provide a temporary solution. For a mere two pounds more I could have a six foot rack instead of a four foot, and so with a bargain in mind, I had ordered it without really thinking about how big a six foot rack would be. Assembling it on Sunday, it turned out to be MASSIVE!


The wardrobe relocated to the fourth bedroom unfortunately breaking a window pane which means there’s a project for this week.

And the final image, an original Edwardian hearth with an opportunity for a decorative cast iron fireplace.


So that’s our spare bedroom progressing nicely!

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