Trying to continue the momentum

After all the progress yesterday with the gasman finally leaving at 8:30pm but now with a working gas fire, I was keen to try and keep the momentum going.

I was up with the sodding lark, off to the laundrette, back with two bags of wet washing to hang dry, walked the dog, washed the dog, collected the dry cleaning and dropped off some more and then it was time to start sanding.

I spent a good hour sanding and chipping old paint off the front door so we can paint it before we get new locks. Frankly it looked just the same as it when I started.

I then spent another three hours chipping off the remains of the wallpaper in the front room. And here’s a surprise, it looks just the same.

How can a room have twenty layers of wallpaper that are all brown?

I cleaned everything up, chipped a bit more wallpaper off in the hall and I can’t see I’ve done anything.

One positive thing though, having cleared out all the rubble yesterday, we now have the brown room back complete with Christmas plant, broken window and flowering camellia.

To celebrate, Agnes did a wee on the carpet.

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