This week we replaced four interior doors and what a difference they’ve made so far.

The old doors were stained with years of nicotine, opened the wrong way and had to be held open with cork-stops as they kept swinging closed. Luckily I had a good collection of corks from drinking wine to cope with our living conditions. Numbing the pain.


The doors still need painting and we’re thinking of a rather striking teal as we break away from grey. Perhaps a job for my list of things to do over the next few weeks.


Check out our lovely knobs, we’ve gone over to brass and a beautiful wooden Victorian beehive knob.


The view from the hall. There’s a nice bit of plaster missing from the wall but important to have a room diffuser to create ambiance!

The floors are pretty rough with holes and loose boards and slippers are essential to avoid nails and splinters.

Next up… another wardrobe bites the dust!

Snowed under

I’ve been seriously snowed under over the past few weeks, I haven’t replied to emails, I haven’t written my blog, I haven’t managed to get my bike repaired so it sounds like an old bone shaker but I have just about managed to stay afloat.

We’ve been working on the flat every weekend  so weekends have been covered in wallpaper stripping, dust, cleaning, ripping out wardrobes and finding more fireplaces. Monday to Friday my workload has been fast and furious. Deadlines seem to be daily and it’s all been hard graft. It feels like the run up to Christmas but without the Christmas holiday as the reward at the end.

We are making progress on the flat but it’s been slow (and doing a quick tot up of the numbers, expensive!) Every seems to cost thousands, from doors to coving, to fireplaces and don’t even start to think about kitchens and bathrooms!

For the next three weeks Big T is in France and I’m trying to move things along on the home front.

Let’s see if I can make some progress before Big T gets back!

Hard Graft

It had been a hard week.

Very busy at work with deadlines and presentations, a flat full of dirt from electricians and plasterers, nowhere to hide as we had relocated to the living room. And Big T feeling very ill.

It seemed there was a weekend of cleaning in order to get a semblance of normality back as we’d slipped into a state of dirt and despair.

Saturday started with me stripping wallpaper in the small bedroom we’ve been using for the past three months.

By lunchtime, the wallpaper was stripped and the laminate flooring had been ripped out. Big T put the bed back (with a case of DIY Tourette’s) while I started cleaning.

Hours later all rooms were reassembled and had been cleaned. We were shattered but things felt much better.

We collapsed on the sofa with an extremely well-earned g&t and admire the new light on our future bedroom.