Living on the lower ground floor of a block of flats prone to burglary, I had concerns about our security.

And so this week we installed new locks and window grilles by the top of the range in security, Banham and then promptly locked ourselves out.

It was an exercise in stupidity as I said the keys didn’t work so we all stepped outside to check and closed the front door behind us. Duh!!!!

Luckily we hadn’t closed the window grilles so were able to break a window to get back in, alerting our next door neighbour who is a very active leader of neighbourhood watch.

It turns out the window keys are identical to the door keys and the cost to replace the broken window was not worth the discovery.

And to add to the neighbourly challenges we’ve had recently, now they all think we’re complete morons!

Still, now we have proper locks and two secure windows at the front, the back is another story…

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