Plastered, in a non-alcoholic way

The last two weeks have been extremely busy, rather chaotic and very, very dirty.

We’ve had a plasterer (Dan) in working on our next two rooms and while things are progressing, it’s been hard work.

I spent three weekends shaving paper off the walls by hand only to discover that most of the plaster was going to have to come off.

The original lathe and plaster living room ceiling needed to be replaced so down it came with dust and rubble everywhere. It was like a nuclear holocaust.

And then bliss, new plasterboard, new plaster, a final glass-like skim and now we wait for it to dry so it can become our second good (albeit dark) room.

In the meantime Dan has moved into the little bedroom to replaster and we’re now sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the good room. Now the not-so-good room.

With deadlines looming, Big T and Little Bags heading to France on Tuesday for the summer, it doesn’t look like those rooms will be finished before they go.

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