A Disobedience of Welsh Terriers

On Sunday Agnes and I set off to Hampstead Heath to meet three other Welsh Terriers.

Ralph (pronounced Raph), Edward Lear and Henry. It’s fair to say we’re all pretentious dog namers!

Apparently the collective noun for Welsh Terriers is a Disobedience which was coined by one of the other owners and of course, we weren’t disappointed.

I was armed with two balls and Agnes’ favourite treat of crispy dried sprats (little smelly fish which she loves) in case of the disappearing dog tail over the horizon. I was pleasantly surprised as she stayed close throughout.

It was a pleasure to see all four teddy bear dogs bouncing across the grass into a large muddy ditch and Raph swimming in every pond he could find.

It seems dogs like their own kind and the Welshies were no exception as they lined up for treats and no one could tell the difference.

Which one is Agnes?


(The good looking well-behaved one on the left…who’s biased?)

The dogs’ day out ended with a bus ride home for Henry and Agnes; tired, muddy and straight to bed for these tired little dogs.

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