Southern Migration

It was a hard old slog as we were pushing to get two more rooms done and time was running out.

The birds were flying south for the summer, that is, Big T and Agnes had planned their escape.

We almost made it. The living room was painted and with a great deal of patience, twisting and turning and a lot of huffing and puffing, we managed to get the sofa back through the door. That sofa will probably have to be sold with the flat when the time comes.

The fireplace was revealed and a lot of cleaning of the floor took place.

In the good room, the bed was reassembled (hopefully the last time for a while) and we now officially have two good rooms!

The little bedroom is waiting to be painted which will take us to three rooms and by my optimistic estimation, we’ll be a third of the way through.

We’ve finally got estimates for the kitchen and bathroom and are confident we won’t be able to do both in one hit. Looks like the handicapped bathroom will be staying for a while.

In the meantime Big T and Agnes skipped off down the platform at St Pancras early on Tuesday morning to enjoy another epic train journey to the south of France.

I followed closely behind having judiciously booked Easter flights in January and just have one work commitment before signing off for a much anticipated week’s holiday.

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