All pumped up

We have switched from DIY in Maida Vale to opening up the house and pool in the South of France. It’s a first world problem but it does seem like the work never stops!

To start, we had to uncover the pool and get things up and running for the next six months.

We pulled back the cover and revealed the pool in her murky green algae-covered winter clothes. I had decided to try vacuuming the pool before sweeping and so with the waste valve opened, off I went.

Leaves, olives and algae were sucked up merrily until I’d had enough and all seemed well. Until I noticed the pressure seemed a bit low and perhaps I’d blocked something with my enthusiastic vacuuming. Much backwashing ensued.

From there we visited the Aqua Paysage, our local pool shop where we were advised to buy a selection of chemicals to get the pool up and running including a clarity tablet which had to be placed in to the pump basket. Hmm, where exactly was that?

We found the pump basket and blithely unscrewed the knobs. Water started gushing out and Big T was stuck in the tiny pool shed with his weight on the lid trying desperately to hold back the contents of the pool. It was like the boy and the dyke but somehow worse…

We couldn’t get the knobs back in and panicked slightly.

I went to consult the internet and in the meantime, Big T managed to close all the valves, perhaps something we should have done in the first place…

With the tidal wave abated, we were able to locate the screws, clean and replace the pump basket and put the whole thing back together. It was a huge lesson in what not to do (sort of like getting locked out with brand new Banham locks).  The level of stupidity was definitely a ten!

The second time around was much easier, what a lesson learned as the clarity tablet was carefully placed in the basket and the valves reopened. No floods, no drama, job done.

The pool is now a nice shade of turquoise and gradually clearing so it looks like we’re almost back up and running for the summer!



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