Six days later

After six days in the South of France it was time to head back to the other reality.

I had arrived grey, clenched, with gritted teeth, peering out manically through dark circles and layers of dirt. After six days, with some sunshine, good food and wine and the company of Big T and Agnes, I had started to relax.

I had enjoyed having a real kitchen and a bathroom with a proper shower. How novel!

I had enjoyed the feeling of cleanliness after four months of living in dust. Layers of skin or dirt washed off!

I had really enjoyed using a washing machine which didn’t require coins. And even better, things came out clean!

Ah, the novelty of normal life to keep me going for a little longer as I head back into the building site for a ten day stint.

Thank goodness it’s summer and my French weekends have started.

This year I think they’ll be sanity breaks.

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