Playing musical rooms

It’s another round of musical rooms as we now have two good rooms and a third on the way.

The living room is now the living room complete with lovely working gas fireplace. With its new ceiling and beautiful Farrow and Ball paint, new door and new security grill (or as I’m thinking of it, metal curtains) it’s a very different room to four months ago.

Our other good room is now the master bedroom with a view to the back garden, bed reassembled without any swearing and dandelion chandelier which shakes quite alarmingly from the upstairs washing machine. Oh the joy of flat living!

The next room (undercoated today) is the small bedroom. One of my favourite rooms in the flat, the window is set on an angle to the courtyard and catches the morning light sending it into the dark hallway.

The little bedroom will become the box room temporarily when we relocate the temporary kitchen to the red room which perhaps one day will become the library.

It’s a little confusing remembering which room is which as we keep changing the names!

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