I am not Michelangelo

Today I am embarking on painting the Sistine Chapel, at least that’s what it feels like.

I am going to paint the third room.

I’m a very slow painter and for some reason, I find a roller hard to use especially when it’s on a pole but as our painter is in the South of France, I am taking over the paintbrush.

Yesterday I made good progress as I painted two doors, chipped the paint off the window frames where they’d been painted, cleaned and reinstalled window hardware and sanded and painted the inside of the hall cupboard, my pet project which I’m proud to say looks slightly less shit than before (so far!).

It’s been a lot of work as the walls were crumbling and needed rebuilding with polyfiller and half the cupboard had to be dismantled to get the shelves out so while it doesn’t look impressive, I’ve worked ridiculously hard on it. Most people would have knocked it out I suspect!

It’s not finished as it’s still a bit patchy and I haven’t touched the outside yet. I have four brass coat hooks to install and then it’s a coat and boot cupboard for muddy winter dog walking.

It’s certainly the ball on the end of the banister, a reference to the Little House Above the Boulangerie where Big T was obsessed with attaching a ball to the end of the banister but sometimes it is the small details which make the difference.

Right, onward and upward, up the step ladder…


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