The Ginger Weasel

The Summer of Scaffolding continues with the installation of a cage at the rear of our building. It seems that as soon as we finish painting a room, the upstairs neighbour (now named The Ginger Weasel) undersells (just one window) and then installs scaffolding which blocks five windows.

To keep things in perspective, Big T sent me a photo. It is an amazing likeness.

To keep things also in perspective the cage is apparently only going to be up for two weeks and I’m away for most of it but it didn’t stop me telling the builders off when they moved our furniture without asking.

Courtesy is always good and I’m sure if I went round to their homes and moved their stuff, well, maybe they’d understand.

It’s safe to say I’m now considered the Menace of the Mansions. I’ve taken over the role from the previous occupant who used to smoke cigarettes in the garden in her underwear…

I was tempted this morning!

On a positive note, Michael Bay Tree is looking better and is standing outside the only window the Ginger Weasel hasn’t installed scaffolding in front of (yet!)

The adventures continue!

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