Remember when strawberries tasted like strawberries?

Well, they still do if you buy them from our local greengrocer, Clifton Greens in Little Venice.

I don’t eat much fruit, in fact I never eat fruit, mainly because it either tastes of nothing or the texture is woody but today I cycled over in glorious sunshine and came back laden with summer delights.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries all leapt off the shelves into my basket. My biggest indulgence was a mango, a fruit which reminds me of Mexico and with a squeeze of fresh lime or made into a mango salsa, what a pleasure.

£5 for a mango seemed like an exorbitant price but it was massive and perfectly ripe so off I went, back on my bike carefully clutching the golden prize.

And it was so worth it. The best mango I’ve eaten in years, soft, juicy, a hint of aniseed.

Every single berry was perfectly ripe and not a hint of dry, woody, blandness.

If it was always berry season, I would become a fruitarian!

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