Back to France

After a weekend of wall shaving and a week of work it was an early start with a taxi at 5am to get back to France for the weekend.

It was a false economy booking a cheaper ticket from Gatwick as a super early departure meant the tubes weren’t running and I had to get a taxi and then the normal trains hadn’t started so it was the Gatwick Express which is a massive rip off BUT after a week of rain, I’m hoping it was money well spent to be able to swim in the (hopefully clean) pool and sit in the garden and relax!

I’ve moved things along a bit this week by getting the plasterer round for a look as well as two builders to look at the bathroom. It’s all a bit unknown as we don’t know what’s lurking behind the tiles or under the floor, who’s going to accept the challenge?!

On a positive note, the Managing Agent has said our kitchen plans appear to be in order and we now await a decision from the Board of Directors. Hopefully I haven’t pissed too many of them off that we get approval but it might be touch and go!

And with Michael Bay Tree now repotted into a larger pot with bags of new compost carried home on my handlebars from Morrison’s (twice) it’s all up to him to see if he pulls through.

The same could be said for me!

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