The perfect Hollandaise

Today I made a hollandaise sauce for the first time and I’m delighted to say it was absolutely delicious! It does have a huge amount of butter in it but as an occasional treat, it was worth it!

A Sunday lunch of delicately poached salmon, baby new potatoes and juicy steamed asparagus wrapped in a velvety smooth Hollandaise. A lovely summery meal accompanied with a buttery rich Pouilly Fumé, followed by cheese and finally fresh strawberries and a strawberry tart and coffee. Very civilised!

We sat under an olive tree with tiny olive flowers spiralling down on us as the sky darkened ominously and fat raindrops started plopping into the pool. We gathered up plates and dashed under the large umbrella over the outdoor lounge whilst the summer thunder rolled through and Agnes delighted in her rain dance, growling and pirouetting whilst snapping her teeth to catch the drops.

France is all about local food, excellent wine and good cooking. The flavours are amazing and people really take the time to enjoy their food, so different to M&S ready meals!

It made me contemplate learning classic French cookery… when in France

Remember when strawberries tasted like strawberries?

Well, they still do if you buy them from our local greengrocer, Clifton Greens in Little Venice.

I don’t eat much fruit, in fact I never eat fruit, mainly because it either tastes of nothing or the texture is woody but today I cycled over in glorious sunshine and came back laden with summer delights.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries all leapt off the shelves into my basket. My biggest indulgence was a mango, a fruit which reminds me of Mexico and with a squeeze of fresh lime or made into a mango salsa, what a pleasure.

£5 for a mango seemed like an exorbitant price but it was massive and perfectly ripe so off I went, back on my bike carefully clutching the golden prize.

And it was so worth it. The best mango I’ve eaten in years, soft, juicy, a hint of aniseed.

Every single berry was perfectly ripe and not a hint of dry, woody, blandness.

If it was always berry season, I would become a fruitarian!

Summer in the garden

Finally, after months of stress and scaffolding, there’s a reason to live here.

It’s summer and the garden is in bloom, it’s an idyllic place to sit, listen to the birds and have breakfast. I’ve finally uncovered the sofas but the main garden is certainly the better place to sit.

The back scaffolding is down which means it’s probably time to tackle our next room but today, I think I might paint the window frame in the third room.

Enjoying a sunny Sunday!