The Third Room

The third room is done, well, done enough for now.

This is how it looked in January…img_1910-1

I have assembled the bed and made it up with clean (albeit slightly dusty) bedding, all ready for our inaugural guest arriving from Australia. Lucky it’s my brother who, as an architect, surely must have lived in worse conditions than these! Who needs a kitchen anyway?!

This evening I installed a blind. It looked brilliant, the perfect colour and a rather good installation, or so I thought. All went well until I tried to roll it down with the chain, and nothing happened. And then the chain snapped.zVORupNkRYWnr%9qT8wliQ

I decided enough was enough and ignored it for the rest of the evening. Plenty of time to find a solution or claim it’s purely decorative!

And it turned out that by reading the instructions, all was well and the blind was working perfectly. Who would have thought?!


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