On the tiles

I have been spending money like a fiend this week as I’ve started ordering the bathroom fittings.

This is extremely exciting as the power shower is packing up and randomly switches itself off just when you’re at your soapiest.

Part of the fun has been choosing tiles. My initial reaction (to having lived in filth for seven months) is to go as clean and white as possible.

A cement-like porcelain caught my eye with a herringbone feature wall. Fancy!

But all that was before we realised we had a toilet in a shower according to the plan.

With an architect in the house, it seemed like we had some design flaws which needed to be addressed in haste. A new bathroom plan was discussed, sketched, debated and agreed upon.

Fittings were delivered and immediately returned and we all agreed the tiles (changed) were the chicken dinner.

I find the kitchen and bathroom very stressful as it’s such a huge commitment. It means sleepless nights, circulation diagrams, function, design and storage.

I can only hope we get it right…

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