Celebrate good times!

From a birthday party to a wedding party, it certainly was a week of celebration!

Wednesday evening saw us leave Paddington station for three days of wedding celebrations in Devon.

And it was a celebration indeed. From a spontaneous family hen do on Wednesday evening where we reminisced and laughed, to an intimate family ceremony in the most picturesque winery, a wedding dinner with delicious food and finally (the following evening) a gathering in the pub for what seemed like the entire village!

We’d done everything except parade the happy couple around the village on the back of a donkey (and it was discussed!)

And with the best of plans came the best of weather. We avoided the searing heatwave in London on the hottest day in the history of the universe where I’m sure the entire city melted and instead sat under an open marquee with cooling breezes wafting through.

The sun shone, birds sang, flowers bloomed and beautiful children played on hay bales.

All in all, it couldn’t have been a better start to married life for these two chaps…

Just kidding, this lovely couple and their now official siblings.


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