Road trip!

On Friday we decided to drive to the beaches of North Devon hoping to swim if the water was warm enough (I am a fair weather swimmer!)

We borrowed a car with a number plate which read as ACID and set off on the acid trip. With three responsible adults and two teenagers what could possibly go wrong!

I would say it turned out to be one of the most fun days of driving and laughing ever with new inventions of I Spy Charades and the sharing of the various uses of buckets.

With the exception of one small incident where a stone wall jumped out into the middle of the road and scratched the car, (it was the acid trip after all) it was a brilliant day out and I will get the car repaired. Oops.

Sadly the water was too cold for me but the hardy teens ran and dived in the surf apparently immune to sub zero temperatures.

After a small girl was attacked seagulls who stole her ice cream, we set off home to join the village in the pub to continue the three day party!


And the…

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