Off to Turkey

It was an extremely early start as we’d booked a taxi at 4am to take us to the airport. We were off to Turkey for a week sailing around the islands.

Our first stop was Munich as we had to transit and there we picked up the first two members of our party.

Another flight and we arrived in hot and dusty Bodrum where we jumped in a mini bus and picked up the two remaining shipmates, and so with the siblings of Big T and spouses in tow, we arrived at Trippin, a 60′ traditional Turkish gulet (a wooden double masted sail boat) where a crew awaited us.

We were quickly briefed and before we knew it, we were casting off and motoring round to our first anchorage where we swam, diving off the boat into pristine water.

Dinner was served late in the evening after the sun had set and the stars popped out overhead. With delicious local food including a sea vegetable similar to samphire, deep fried local cheese (tasty but very fattening) stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed vine leaves. Sampling the local wines, we enjoyed rosé and white wine, all very quaffable.

It was a hot night as we all started to settle on the boat. I slept for a while on the deck to cool off while a myriad of stars blanketed the sky overhead.

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