Sailing in Turkey

Our first full day was a busy one. We weighed anchor at 6am and set off to visit an ancient ruin.

By 9:30 we were enjoying a delicious breakfast before a swim around the boat and then off to visit the ruins complete with amphitheater.

It was hot and before long we were ready to get back on the boat or dip back into the turquoise water.

Before long we were off again to another bay where we stopped for lunch. With each stop it seemed the water was clearer and bluer than the last and we swam again doing laps around the boat to work off some of the delicious food which kept appearing at regular intervals.

Again, after lunch we were off to another bay. This time the wind had picked up and we were sailing between islands. The swell was rolling and the heavy boat picked up speed as the engine was cut and the only sounds were wind and waves.

It was several hours before we finally stopped again, this time for the night as the sun was setting and we were able to shower and clean up for dinner.

It had seemed like a long day, our first full day onboard and we had packed in several adventures.

After sampling the local Raki (very strong) and eating dinner, it was time for bed on deck trying to identify constellations (I think it was Scorpio) before the wind picked up forcing us below.

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