Let’s get bashing!

Tomorrow, with great fanfare and excitement, the builders are coming. Alert the media, hang out the bunting, we’re about to start work!

Of course, we have no money left but hey ho, who cares? We’ll do what we can and save up to do the rest, you know, like people used to do.

Apparently they’re starting on the bathroom and not a moment too soon as I enjoyed another less than satisfying splash in the sink this morning.

I’ve cleared out the kitchen and the bathroom, everything is stored and boxed, tidied and stacked and ready for a new layer of brick dust.

Of course we still need to order a few more bits and pieces, like a drain and tiles, and a kitchen and then, ta da, the Berlin Wall will come down… once we get the approval, of course… we’re still waiting.

Let the bashing begin!



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