Greetings from the trenches

It’s been quite an interesting (shit) challenge living without a kitchen or a bathroom but I’m quite impressed with my coping skills so far. I feel I’m almost ready to live off grid or go to war.

I came back from France on Tuesday and discovered the bathroom floor was missing and in its place was sticky residue on plywood. While the toilet is just about working, the whole experience of using the loo is quite traumatic as one’s feet get stuck to the board like a blue bottle on fly paper, everything is filthy and the idea of having a real bathroom seems like a very long way off.


Ironically it almost looked good before…

img_1911I went into work this morning at 7am having woken up early and realised there was no point being at home as I couldn’t shower, brush my teeth or have breakfast in pleasant surroundings.

Thanks to the corporate office where I’m practically living, a nice shower, several toilets and a big office kitchen with fridge. I now bring my packed dinner home (salad) to avoid cooking and washing up and this evening brought a thermos of hot water with me to make tea. Now that’s smart thinking!

We now await the delivery of the bathroom drain and tiles next week so that work can begin again and of course, we still await approval on the sodding wall but apparently with every possible question asked and answered (each one ending with a £ and several zeros) the end may be in sight. As if!

Our nemesis and a bit of (bad) mood lighting…


Anyway, despite my tone I am actually coping and have even been forced back to yoga to avoid being in the flat so there’s a positive.

How I’m going to shower at the weekend is a whole other challenge and I suspect I may be trying out a public swimming pool (pubes and verrucas). I’ll be taking flip flops.

And that was only day three.

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