Swimming with the fishes

Growing up I wasn’t a strong swimmer. I didn’t like putting my face in the water and couldn’t open my eyes.

Moving to Australia I discovered that everyone could swim like a fish and so I avoided swimming at school for years as I was completely intimidated (allergic to chlorine, sir)

When I was about twenty I had some adult swimming lessons and discovered goggles. I could see, I could dive, I was apparently a natural backstroker but I still wasn’t a strong swimmer.

Ironically I learned to scuba dive and snorkel and spent many years on top of the water rowing and sailing. Everything except swimming!

And so to this morning where I went for my first swim at the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre. A handy ten minutes away by bike.

Over the past few years my swimming has improved but my swim fitness hasn’t been great. A couple of lengths was my lot.

This summer I’ve been swimming in circles in France (the pool being three strokes long with a good push off) and swimming round the boat in Turkey. With the added bonus of a shower, I wanted to keep swimming in London but it’s been hard to find a pool I liked.

And so for the first time I really enjoyed swimming in London. The pool was clean (no plasters yay) it wasn’t too long (25m) and it wasn’t too busy. I didn’t bother counting laps but swam for about half an hour and felt like I could finally swim.

As I’m now embarking on my new fitness regime for the winter with yoga and swimming, I’ll be jumper-ready before I know it!

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