My forties are coming to a rapid end in a few short hours. The end of an era indeed.

It’s been my best decade to date with life-changing decisions to relocate, get married, buy property, get a Welsh Terrier (good grief!) and get and keep my job (to date).

There have been challenges along the way of course, not everything I’ve wished for has materialised and it’s becoming less fun to look in the mirror but it’s been a great ten years where I’ve felt empowered in my life and while I never envisaged being fifty (who ever thought beyond thirty?) here I almost am.

My goals for the next decade are a bit more low key,… be mortgage-free (haha, a fantasy as long as we have Cashworth Mansions,) be healthy and fit (more achievable) and go on some adventures with Big T and Agnes, preferably in a camper van.

And so here we are, about to board a budget Hungarian airline to Reykjavik on September 11th. The adventures start now!

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