Icelandic details

We arrived late on the Wednesday evening and having hired a car, found our way in darkness to the Blue Lagoon.

We were staying for a night at The Retreat, a super fancy spa and hotel with a private section of the lagoon.

Upon check in (it was about 11pm) we were told we could float in the lagoon until midnight and so we quickly donned swim suits, heavy towelling robes and flip flops and made our way to the lagoon.

It was dark, silent and warm as we entered the water and floated in the main pool.

Before long we realised there was more to it and swam through a narrow channel, wading to the next level below.

The lagoon river wound down several levels for four hundred metres, the rocks were dark and the water glowed white in the night. It was one of most magical moments, never to be forgotten. I savoured the moment not wanting it to become a memory.

By midnight we returned to the main pool and went back to our lovely clean, luxurious room where we slept on a white cloud of pure joy before waking to reveal moss-covered lava fields and a rainbow, the first of many we would see.

It was heaven and I could have stayed forever except for the fact that we couldn’t afford it!

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