The best spa ever

Part of staying at The Retreat was the complimentary four step spa treatment.

We started after breakfast and went back into the lagoon, this time in daylight but still as magical.

From there we enjoyed the steam cave. True to name it was a cave lined with cedar benches and filled with steam, perfect for a dust-inflicted cough!

I took a brave plunge into the cold pool (6°) before we headed into the dry sauna.

We lay in suspended oval nests for a while to relax before we headed over to follow the ritual.

Four steps of different scrubs, two masks, algae showers and finally body and face oils took a couple of hours and for these two dirty chaps living without a shower, it was the ultimate paradise and what a way to spend a birthday.

It was truly the best spa I’ve ever been to and the minimal modern Scandinavian architecture sat perfectly against the backdrop of dramatic scenery.

Far too soon we had to check out but we were excited to see more of the natural beauty which was tantalising us from the many windows.

We set off in search of Geysir.

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