Living conditions

It’s been a while since I updated our living conditions mainly because it’s quite challenging.

We are now down to the old toilet on a piece of plywood for a bathroom. It’s been two months since the shower packed up but the pipes are in so perhaps there’s light at the end of that very dark tunnel.

The kitchen foundations apparently have to dry for twenty eight days. Which is a month so this is what the kitchen looks like.

There are lots of holes in the floor and it’s a bit precarious.

The hall is cordoned off with sheets and there’s a sheet hanging across the bathroom entry as there’s no door.

Unfortunately Big T walked in on one of builders having a sit down. I shall be coughing loudly (which I am anyway from the dust!)

Anyway it’s all a bit challenging and the photos don’t really capture the filth so here’s some parquet floor we looked at on Saturday. We can dream!

And it’s the end of September. Will we be finished by Christmas? Hmm…

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