Kitchen complete with handy Cement Mixer

Finally, finally we have progress.

The wall is down and the steel is in, albeit it’s all a bit precarious as there are many supports holding up Cashworth Mansions.

We have a handy cement mixer and lots of holes in the floor.

The room itself though feels enormous and hopefully we’ll now start to make progress towards a kitchen as food has become a daily challenge.

Ready meals, microwave, cement mixer.

It’s Progress with a capital P

It’s been a tough couple of weeks as we soldier on through torrential rain, dust and construction.

The lack of bathroom has continued but we’re seeing progress as there’s plaster on the walls, we no longer have a tap in the ceiling and we’ve moved the door. Actually we no longer have a door!

These may seem like small accomplishments but to us, they’re massive.

Next stage is tiling so let’s hope things get finished in the next couple of weeks (or months!)

Seeing the light

On Saturday we had a lesson in lighting as we ventured over to Chelsea to John Cullen, a lighting specialist.

It was illuminating in many more ways than one as we learned about a variety of lighting options for bathrooms and kitchens and suddenly understood the difference lighting can make to a space.

Of course it all comes at a price and our next step will be to try and find similar products for less money but what a difference it will make if we do it right.

The squeaky wheel

This week I have become the squeaky wheel.

Having noticed that the bathroom demolition began in late August (thank goodness for dates on photos) I alerted the builder to the fact that we were over five weeks without a shower and we needed to pick up the pace.

That resulted in another chap arriving for a day and the installation of our new toilet. See, it wasn’t that hard! Squeak squeak.

It’s a very nice toilet and we were rather pathetically pleased with it. I suspect we’d be pleased with a toilet roll holder at this point.

Unfortunately the extra chap vanished after a day having done his back in and we were back to slow progress for the rest of the week. More squeaking required.

We’ve now been promised three chaps and a rubbish clear out this week as living conditions have deteriorated due to old pipes, rubble sacks, radiators and a large Japanese toilet cluttering up the hall and kitchen.

I’ve also mentioned the original schedule of kitchen installation by Christmas so let’s see how much squeaking is required to get that moving!

Popular with builders? Not so much!