The Final Say… or not

It was the end of the road, the deal was done and we took to the streets with a million other Londoners to register our disapproval. This was not democracy.

It was a brilliant day with an endless stream of people walking along Piccadilly, flags waving and placards in hand. Never had so many white, middle class people been seen in one place!

It was quite emotional as people united in thought and voice and I felt proud to be part of it.

We didn’t march the route but walked through the back streets to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament stopping for a beverage along the way as protesting is thirsty work!

It started to rain (of course) and Agnes (Welsh Terriers against Brexit) became the star of the show as she jumped in the rain and being a total show off, loved the attention. We’ll have to see if any of the videos have gone viral!

The crowd cheered as the amendment to delay passed and so it would seem it wasn’t the final say after all.

I shook my finger as Boris Johnson passed in his Land Rover. Shame on him.

And so we walked home to enjoy another day (or year) of Brexit madness.

Just another day in London.

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