Another week, another tile

And so another week passes and still no shower as we seem to be laying one tile a day. It’s the slowest progress I’ve ever seen and one which is wearing ever so thin.

I very much hope we like the bathroom after all this. It’s looking a bit “Room 101” (as described by Big T) at the moment.

The kitchen is a rough shell, steel in and wall out but not much else to report.

It’s hard to stay positive after almost eleven months and while the scaffolding coming down was a great thing, we can now see more of the filth we’re living in.

I write this from the laundrette where I’m waiting for a load of washing to finish. I’ve taken Friday afternoon off work to try and get things cleaned up a little, for the sake of sanity.

Let’s hope something gets finished soon as funds and patience are dwindling rapidly.

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