This week’s progress

Inching along at a snail’s pace, this week saw us ordering three more boxes of tiles which meant we were delayed again by a week.

We seem to have a lot of half tiles around so perhaps they’ve been used as testers, still we now have a dark grey tiled box which is odd considering I wanted a light, white bathroom!

This week we also have lights hanging from the ceiling (they’re not supposed to be) but we can already see the benefit of better quality lighting as the light is warmer and more flattering (thank god!)

Next week tiling should be finished, grouting done and the bath and shower installed. Big T is painting the ceiling and then I can pop the lights back, get electrocuted and then, as if by magic (or very slow graft) we may be able to wash!

I feel I’ve said that for the past four weeks though so will just wait to see how things progress.

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