A year without a kitchen

If you’d told me a year ago when I was setting up a folding trestle table, a mini fridge, a single hob and a slug doing laps on the old brown carpet that we’d still be kitchenless a year later, I may not have been able to cope. And yet here we still are, scratching away, now with the addition of a microwave.

It’s been a hard year, I cannot lie and not one I’d be keen to repeat. We’re not there yet as we still have builders in everyday, mess everywhere and each weekend involves a marathon cleaning session just to get to a point of barely clean, but we now have plaster on the walls and that’s always a good thing.

To the untrained eye it probably doesn’t look like progress but to us we’re seeing plaster on the walls, new French doors, plumbing finally sorted and pipes under the floor instead of hanging off the walls and lights and sockets ready to be installed.

In January we’ll be installing the floor (the old floor is rotten and collapsing by the day) and then in early February allowing for Christmas and delivery, we’ll finally be installing a kitchen. It had better be worth the wait! Mind you, by that stage we will be penniless and living on baked beans so a fancy induction job and a steam oven aren’t going to get much use!

I must say though I am excited about having a washing machine again as I pack up my bag to head to the laundrette.

Only for another couple of months I hope…

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