The end is nigh

I made it to the last day of work for the year, hurrah!

With a team lunch, a farewell to a colleague going on maternity leave and a jaunty wave goodbye, I left the building. I had survived 2019 and it did feel like an endurance test at times.

I will remember 2019 as the year of hard graft. There have been many other years of graft but this one has surpassed all others for certain reasons.

Seven months of living under a box, twelve months without a kitchen, three months without a bathroom and so on. Top that off with a hard year at work, a restructure and a merger and then add the icing on the cake, an election and an inevitable Brexit, and it’s certainly a year to remember.

It’s ending well though as things have settled down at work, building works have progressed to a point where we feel like humans, we now have lights in the kitchen and plaster in the hall and while the builders will be back in the new year, the end is in sight.

All that’s left to do is hope Big T makes it back from France and we’re able to make it to Devon despite the rail strikes!

And so I’m ready to pop the bubbly and celebrate the end of 2019 eleven days early!

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