The Missing Weeks

The week between Christmas and New Year is a surreal time where days meld into each other and every day feels like a bit of a shit Sunday without a nice lunch because everyone ate too much on Christmas Day.

After two months of build up, Christmas is over in the blink of an eye and suddenly it’s all about detox diets, gym memberships and summer holidays.

Discarded Christmas trees start appearing by bins stripped of their festive finery looking as depressed as everyone seems to feel.

The UK is a country with strict routines and protocol. In December it’s pure carnage as the entire country is pissed for a month and it’s sheer debauchery on the streets. In January it’s time to book the August holiday for two weeks, become a vegan and give up alcohol. And that’s literally as the clock strikes twelve!

Having said that, we had a fun Christmas as we escaped the dust and DIY for five days in Devon where we breathed fresh air, ate delicious local produce and walked up a few gentle hills.

It was a well deserved and much appreciated break which made it all the harder to walk back in to our unfinished flat and face cleaning, sanding, painting and reality.

As we now approach the inevitable return to work and we’re having to replaster the hall (more about that fun to come) we’ll be remembering the Christmas break and looking forward to our next escape!

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