Can’t be pl-arse-tered

We returned from our lovely sojourn to begin work sanding and painting.

Despite our Christmas deadline, the builders hadn’t finished and were due back on January 6th. They had, however finished plastering the hall before they scuttled out on December 20th clutching a bottle of whiskey, and so with the floor installation on the horizon, we needed to get things moving.

We spent three hard days sanding, painting and cleaning the hall only to discover the quality of the plastering was not acceptable.

The lumps and bumps were more apparent after painting and so, having exhausted ourselves, wasted money on paint and lost three days where frankly we could have been having a lot more fun, we told the builder it needed to be redone.

And so with an unwelcome sense of deja vu this week has been plaster part two and I for one cannot be plarsed.

Anyway, here we go, another weekend of hard graft!

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