Getting groomed

Saturday morning and Agnes and I set off on an adventure to Chiswick.

One of us was getting groomed and the other one was spending the morning wandering the streets. Let’s just say, I wasn’t getting my hair done.

Living in a building site hasn’t done any of us any favours and Agnes was in a fairly disgraceful state.

Fur dirty and matted, eyes hidden under layers and of no distinguishable breed (I could be describing myself).

To add insult to injury, Agnes had spent the day out on Friday and had managed to get a very dirty bottom. I apologised profusely as I dropped her off, we certainly weren’t Crufts-bound.

I set off to explore Chiswick for three hours on a rather grey and cold Saturday morning when I could have been moving furniture. Both options ranked as less than glamorous but I ended up at Chiswick House and Gardens and passed the time quite enjoyably.

I’m sure it will be lovely in the summer!

And three hours later, one of us looked rather fabulous (and one of us didn’t!)

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