50,000 steps in Budapest

Arriving on Friday, we hit the ground running and by Sunday afternoon had walked almost 50,000 steps.

The aim (for anyone with a pedometer) is 10,000 steps a day so we certainly exceeded that and managed to hit most of the top tourist destinations in the Hungarian capital.

Friday evening we checked into the New York Palace Hotel (known for its renowned Café) and set off to explore the nearby Jewish quarter.

Budapest had a large Jewish population, at one point, twenty five percent of the city. During the Second World War, the Jewish quarter became a ghetto for six weeks and during the course of the war, ten thousand Hungarian Jews lost their lives.

We found one of the area’s well-known/secret (on trip advisor) ruined bars which seemed like a dive bar full of crap furniture, cheap booze and young people sitting in bath tubs smoking hookah pipes. Having seen plenty of this in Camden, we decided to move on.

The area felt decidedly eastern bloc and it hadn’t changed much. It was a predominantly male culture with cheap drinks being readily available.

Having arrived from South End, it was easy to see how it would appeal to the Brits on a cheap weekend.

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