The Gellért Baths

Leaving the Castle district and walking along the bank of the Danube, we arrived at the Gellért Hotel and Baths.

Budapest is known for its thermal baths and as a lover of the outdoor hot spring, it was high on the agenda of things to do.

The Gellért is known for its Art Deco tiling and paying the entry fee, we were soon enjoying the benefits of the thermal waters in a stunning setting.

Outside, a small pool was rather crowded as the larger pool was drained for the winter. It was a little too busy with canoodling couples and so we repaired to the sauna, a rather rustic shed filled with large Hungarians.

We ventured inside where we found a lovely Art Deco swimming pool with a few elderly swimmers and a hot pool with lots of other people lounging in the rather cloudy water (best not to think about it!)

It seems swimming is not a national sport in Hungary as the main pool was almost deserted and so, having brought the obligatory cap, I swam a few lengths under a large Art Deco glass skylight and enjoyed the hot jets of water bubbling up from the floor. It was one of the nicest indoor pools, clean and with natural mineral water, chlorine-free.

After the Gellért baths, we set off towards one of the many Sky Bars around the city hoping for a sunset view.

We were hungry after taking the waters and stumbled across a popular cafe for a snack only to discover we’d found the Gerbaud Café, a Budapest institution on par with Sacher torte in Vienna. We enjoyed a sandwich not realising we should have been eating cake… oh well!

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