Corona, any one?

The world has gone mad.

Everywhere you turn, everything you read, it’s all about Coronavirus. At work there’s a travel embargo in place, the Americans have cancelled their trip for next week and it’s likely in the next week or so that the office will be shut and we’ll all be working from home.

Londoners have gone mad stockpiling pasta and hand sanitisers. An odd combination and not something I can see working well together but what do I know? In Camden, Sainsbury’s hand sanitiser selection had been depleted which is odd in Camden as most people are on drugs or benefits and I’d be surprised if anyone’s washed their hands… ever.

Anyway, with all this madness around us, I’m going to start stockpiling Corona beer and with all the added vitamin C in a slice of lime, I’m sure that should hold the beast at bay or at least be a lot more fun. In the meantime we’ve ordered a nice selection of wines to be delivered on Monday as apparently no one is stockpiling French wines.

After all, we do have a massive wine fridge to fill… Corona anyone?

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 17.25.48


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