Ducking Friday

We had made it through week one and let’s be honest, it wasn’t the easiest week.

I had a reasonably nice day planned but all went tits up as, mid morning, there was a strange bang and the sound of gurgling water as something in the central heating system had exploded.

I had been coping with everything pretty well but faced with the prospect of working from home, no heat, no hot water, house arrest and a killer virus, suddenly it was all a bit much.

We rang our increasingly incompetent builder whom we initially liked but who is now seriously giving me the shits and insisted that he come and sort things out. He initially wanted us to wait until Monday.

The worst thing was, he’d been round twice already because the boiler was losing pressure, couldn’t find the problem but reassured me that there’s was absolutely no way the system could fail…

The rest of Friday was spent watching Kev cut holes in the new parquet floor trying to find the problem.

At one point I thought he’d died (wishful thinking perhaps) but it turned out he was lying on the floor listening to the pipes. I was quite close to killing him myself at that point.

Eventually the problem was found and temporarily resolved. There are now two holes in the kitchen floor which felt like two holes being cut in my heart and which will need to be repaired (the floor, not my heart which is sadly beyond repair) but at least we managed to get the heat and hot water back on. It must be said medicinal gin and tonic needed to be administered upon the departure of Kev.

And to top it all off, the bloody builders are coming back on Monday!

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